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Let's change the world with the Good Person Project

The Good Person Project aims to make people win by having fun. By downloading our Android and IOS apps, you can enter the Good Person world. We build a network where people's physical and personality traits can be rated. Thus, people using our application will be able to rate each other. With the points they earn, they will be able to earn GPCX Tokens.

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1 GPCX = 0.2 TRX

Contributors Number: 100
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1 GPCX = 0.2 TRX
What is GPCX?

What is GPCX?

It is the token to be used in the Good Person world

GPCX is a 10 billion tokens produced on the Tron network. GPCX will be earned in return for the points collected in the Good Person Mobile application, and these tokens can be bought and sold on exchanges.

Good Person Vision

Summary of our future predictions for the Good Person Project and GPCX coin


Download the Mobile App and expand your network of friends


Earn GPCX Tokens with the points you collect


Trade on exchanges with the GPCX Tokens you earn


You can earn passive returns on exchanges that support GPCX Staking


17th October, 2018
Good Person Project Start
First, the idea of a mobile app that will lead people to goodness emerged.
Total Market Capitalization
29th May, 2020
GPCX Token Created
10 Billion Good Person Coins were created on the Tron network.
Total Market Capitalization
11th January, 2021
Project Team Established
Good Person Project team started to be established.
Total Market Capitalization
23rd April, 2021
Our Web Site Has Been Launched
Good Person Coin website launched
Total Market Capitalization
1st May, 2021
First ICO
First pre-sale started on our site
Total Market Capitalization
15th August, 2022
Exchange Listing
GPCX will be listed on Bitmart
Total Market Capitalization
1st January, 2023
Mobile Applications
Beta version of our Android and IOS application will be released
Total Market Capitalization

Token Distribution

The maximum supply of GPCX Token is 10,000,000,000 units. 6% of this will be put into circulation in 3 rounds, gradually in pre-sales. You can review the White Paper for the detailed distribution plan of the remaining amount.

Initial Token Distribution

Initial Token Distribution

Our Team Member

The Good Person Project has 3 pillars. The first of these is the mobile application. The other is the website. The last one is the Token exchange. For this reason, we are growing our team day by day.

  • UI Designer

    Mobil App Devel

    Mobil App Developer

    UI Designer

    D. Demirdelen

    PHP Developer

    UI Designer

    Macit Alfutaihi

    Graphic Designer

  • UI Designer

    EA Telekom

    App Developer

    UI Designer

    Nebi Gunasti

    Boston Agent

    UI Designer

    Zekiye USTUN

    Human Resources

  • UI Designer

    Alper Tarik

    Security Expert

    UI Designer

    Ahmet Orcan

    Melbourne Agent

    UI Designer

    Sedag Yun

    Social Media Expert


Meet the Entire Team

Our team of 3 Engineers, 1 Sociologist, 1 teacher, 3 Software Developers, 1 Security Expert, 2 Graphic artist works for you.


Business Owner
Hakan Bulent USTUN
Blockchain Consultant
Soner Emre USTUN
Promotional Marketing
Esra Ozlem IMALI

Frequently Asked Questions

You can send your questions about the topics that you cannot find in the explanations below via the contact form.

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