GPCX Economic Business Model

GPCX Economic Business Model
The Good Person Project's first source of income is GPCX pre-sales. The revenues from this sale will be used for official tax expenses, company expenses, salaries of technical staff, web and mobile application development, airdrop and award expenses, advertising and promotion expenses.

The second source of income of the project is Advertising Revenues: Advertisements will be shown to members using mobile free.

The 3rd source of income of the project is VIP Membership Sales: Those who do not want to see advertisements in the mobile application and those who want to benefit from limited features will be able to purchase membership packages.

The 4th source of the project Sponsorship agreements: As the number of mobile users increases, they are in many uses. Discounts, offers and campaigns will be offered to members with small / large companies in different countries. This will be a double-sized win system.

The 5th source of income for the project will be Product Sales: As the project becomes very popular and will be used all over the world, GPCX Logo products and copyright income will be.