What are the airdrop terms?

What are the airdrop terms?

You can apply as many of the following options to Earn Free GPCX Tokens:

1- 1000 GPCX will be given as a gift to everyone who subscribes to our website by following our Twitter or Facebook social media accounts.

2- YOU CAN RETWEET BY ADDING 3 FRIENDS TO MENTION BY RECEIVING our Airdrop tweet on our Twitter page. You will get 3000 Free GPCX.

3- Users who follow our Twitter account by tweeting "I recommend you to follow the Twitter account of the Good Person Coin Project with @GoodPersonCoin" on Twitter:

a) 100 GPCX for those with 0-100 Followers

b) 500 GPCX for 101-500 Followers

c) 1,000 GPCX for those with 501-1,000 Followers

d) 5.000 GPCX for those with 1.001-5.000 Followers

e) 10,000 GPCX for those with 5,000-10,000 Followers

f) 20.000 GPCX for those with 10.001-20.000 Followers

Account owners with more than 20,000 Followers will earn as many GPCX as their followers.

4- Youtube channel owners will be able to earn GPCX by mentioning the Good Person Coin project on their channels and adding the link of our website under the video:

a) 2,000 GPCX for those with 500-5,000 Followers

b) 20.000 GPCX for those with 5.001-30.000 Followers

c) 40.000 GPCX for those with 30.001-50.000 Followers

d) 50.000 GPCX for those with 50.001-100.000 Followers

e) Those with 100.001-500.000 Followers will be gifted with 100.000 GPCX.

Account owners with more than 500,000 followers will earn as many GPCX as their followers.

In order to upload your gift GPCXs, you must be a member of our site and send a message stating that you have fulfilled the Airdrop conditions. Our Telegram Group:

A maximum of 500 million free GPCX will be distributed. Good Person Coin management has the right to terminate the Airdrop at any time.

WARNING: In order to prevent participation in the airdrop campaign by opening fake accounts, GPCX tokens distributed in airdrops can only be withdrawn by our members who have completed the KYC VERIFICATION step.